Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cooking with Dog- How to make and cook Gyoza

One of my favorite things to do ever is to cook Asian food. I stared off cooking basic things when I was younger like combination fried rice or pan fried noodles, but now with the help of Youtube, I've expanded my cooking abilities. I now find myself making assorted sushi rolls, tempura vegetables and shrimp, and even Bibimbap. CookingwithDog is one of my favorite cooking channels on Youtube. This channel features a cute Puddle Dog "Frances" who guides his viewers on mastering classic Asian recipes. One such recipe is Gyoza, and I decided to make a quick version of this after a long day of organizing and cleaning out my closet.

I'm a Vegetarian so I opted out of the recipe mentioned in CookingWithDog and used pre-made frozen Gyoza from a local Asian market.

Another must when cooking Gyoza is Gyoza dipping sauce, you can find this at your local Asian market or in the international section of your local grocery store. If you cannot find this sauce simple make your own by mixing 2 parts soy sauce with 1 part rice wine vinegar.

Steaming Gyoza

I used Vegetable oil instead of sesame oil because I didn't have any on hand, but it makes a huge difference taste wise.

Yummy snack all complete, presented on a leaf of lettuce. Hope you all enjoyed this and have fun creating this dish for yourself.


Marcy said...

looks so good


Budget Beauty Girl said...

@Marcy it was delicious! Hope you try them out!

*Simply Colette* said...

Oh I love Gyoza. Mine and Mom's favorite, we were talking about it the other day. I even took a pic on my iphone to send to her when I made some :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Voe said...

this looks yummy. Thank you for posting this recipe.

All the best,