Friday, July 2, 2010

Lush Haul

I'm so exited to show you all the goodies I got at the Macy's in San Antonio Texas while on Vacation. It was my first experience and both my boyfriend and I had a blast looking at all the stuff they had to offer and smelling all the wonderful scents. Here is my haul, I will give a brief review of some items.

The Lush Bag! Goodies.. Goodies!

I was so exited in the store when I smelt this Emotibomb, It had the most delicious scent. I used it and felt a bit disappointed, then again I don't have the best sense of smell.

Mr. J picked this Bath Melt out because he loved the way it smelled. I wasn't too crazy about it but after using it in my bath, I love it. It made my skin feel super soft and it made the water milky. The smell was even more potent in the water, it was so relaxing.

Another pick from Mr. J! He used this as his facial cleanser but it broke him out. He didn't want it to go to waste because he loved it so much so he used it as a body cleanser and it worked perfect. Smells yummy, exfoliates the skin, and makes is soft as a baby's bottom.

I'm a huge fan of asian food, I can have it everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner. Thus sea weed is a big part of my diet. I fell head over heals for this product as well as another. Cant wait to get it again.

My favorite product I got from lush. It was the best smell and had such a profound affect on my hair. It really cleansed my scalp and felt invigorating! It was Heaven!

Super cute naked sample box that had tons of products. This was such a fun box to open and try!

Tah Dah!

Loved the Squeaky Green solid shampoo and Buffy Body Butter, wanted to love the Fresh Farmacy Cleanser but it broke me out big time! I have yet to try the Therapy Massage Bar and Tea Tree Toner Tab.
Mr. J favorite soap in the world. He used this bar up super quick! Looking into buying him a full pound of this product.

We got doubles of every sample so that both Mr. J and I could try them out. He's a big Lush fan now, as am I. Cant wait to go again.

I'm looking forward to making this my next purchase at Lush, and I cant wait! I tried the Lemon Cuticle Butter that comes in this package and I have been dying to get it. My feet need some pampering!

Happy 24th Birthday to my Honeybun Mr. J! Love you so very much!
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