Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brazilian Holiday Part 2

Finally, Part 2 of my Brazilian Holiday! Let us continue...

Dessert after Sushi Leblon at a Cafe inside Leblon Mall. Caramel Turtle Cheesecake. It was a little piece of heaven!

We got up bright and early the next day to head out to the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. While in the taxi I shot the sides of the sidewalks along Copacabana Beach. Here is a close up of a sand castle.... Amazing! Apparently they were having a sand castle design competition.

Copacabana Hotel built in the 1920s. The hotel in Rio where most celebrities stay.

Sugar loaf Mountain consists of two mountains. You take a pod attached to a cable rod to the first mountain and then take another pod to the second. I just couldn't look... I was so scared.

Before entering the pod there was a mini museum. Here pictured is a parrot made of different stones.

Bathing Suit detailed with emerald. I wish they had a 360 degree view of it, because it would have been nice to know if it was a thong in the back.

Gift Shop trinkets.... Christ the Redeemer

These little monkey guys look pretty scary according to my boyfriend, but I really thought they were kind of cute. They were sooo small, like the size of a squirrel.

View from Sugar Loaf Mountain

Javi and I

Another breath taking view

Classy Guy my Guy!

Pose for the frame

Javi Baby!

Moving on up to the second Mountain. Again I couldn't bring myself to look down.

Cats in the Gift Shop. This made me so sad... I missed my Kat Girl!

Caipirinha Kits! Yummy!

Carmen Maranda... Should have gotten one of these...UGH!

Picture of Christ the Redeemer. Taken by Javi while on a helicopter ride with his mother.

Full View of Sugar Loaf Mountain

Javi and his mother getting ready to get a tour by helicopter. Brave!

Away they go!

Back on Sugar Loaf waiting for my Love I ordered a Caipirinha and did some shopping. I was relaxing under an umbrella table when they returned.

Walking back to our hotel from where the taxi left us. Beautiful flower cart! Reminds me of my mother and her flower shop back home.

Stay tuned for Part 3!
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