Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brazilian Holiday Part 1

It's been a little less than a month since my trip to Brazil and I am just now getting to post the pictures. I took my time editing and deleting photos because I went back to work full force. In the tiny amount of spare time I've had I managed to weed through more than 1,500 photos just so I can show you the highlights. There will be three posts total dedicated to my Brazilian Holiday/Vacation, hope all of you enjoy!

I have a slight fear of flying, so I had a full glass of blush wine before boarding our 11 hour flight. I didn't get to read much of my favorite magazine of the moment woman's health because they had super good movies playing on the plane.

Arrived in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and drove another 3 hours to Macae, a small city where my boyfriends mother lives. Here in this picture we are passing the favela's aka the slums.

Finally in Macae! The house we stayed at for a week was beautiful! the pool/balcony area overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. It was such a beautiful thing to wake up to every morning!

Lunch at a cafe in Macae. Javi and I were exhausted from the flight but super exited to start touring the city.

Patels filled with cheese and beef. Mouth watering and extremely flavorful. This became on of our favorite appetizers to order.

Our first meal in Brazil, buttered lobster and wild rice. I couldn't stop to even breath, this was an amazing dish. The rice had raisins, almonds, garlic and dill.... best rice I had ever tasted.

Back at Javi's mothers house. This is the view from the living room! Beautiful pool... breath taking ocean.

A closer view.

The most popular drink in Brazil (and now my favorite), a caipirinha accompanied with a cone filled with roasted peanuts. Yummy snack. This drink reminded me of a margarita, but much stronger. One of these baby's and your good.

Dinner I helped Javi's mom prepare on our third night in Macae Brazil. Filet Minion medallions, fully loaded baked potatoes and blue cheese walnut salad. It was such a delicious meal. Ohh and a caipirinha too!
On our fifth day in Brazil we drove to Buzios. It's a small city known for its shopping and sea ports. It was a rainy day, yet still beautiful. Loved the way all the boats were drifting in the port. It looked romantic... like a painting.

Shopping for shoes! There were so many shoe boutiques!

More of the Buzios sea port.

The last picture taken in Buzios, back to Macae.

After a week in Macae we left for our final week in Rio de Janeiro. On our way to Rio from Macae we made a pit stop to have some lunch. The place we stopped was a Restaurant and a tropical farm. They had tons very cute animals. This peacock for example!

Ducks that almost attacked us for getting so close!

The restaurant served all sorts of food... my favorite... the sushi of corse!

Fisherman statue outside the Restaurant/ Tropical Farm.

As soon as we arrived in Rio we walked 10 blocks from our hotel to a hippie fair. It was the best shopping I'd done. Javi and I bought almost all of our souvenirs here. We fell in love with all the art that was being sold.
I ended up purchasing the painting on the right side... the red one with the woman in the white gown. Love Love Love my purchase!

Javi browsing. Wondering which painting he will buy.

Man selling hats for cats. His model was his own cat... after I saw this I bought one for my cat. Really cheesy but too cute to pass up.

Walking back to our hotel we passed dozens of bakeries. Yum! All the cakes and treats looked like art too!


More treats!


Dinner on our first night in Rio! We went to an Italian Cafe with the best sangria. We ordered two pitchers!

Cheers! Javi enjoying a Capi-Sake and I enjoying my sangria.

Veggie pizza! It had olives, hearts of palm, basil, tomato, sun dried tomatoes, various herbs and mozzarella with a very thin, crunchy crust! Amazing!

The following morning before heading out to the beach. Cappuccino for breakfast!

I didn't want anything besides a cappuccino for breakfast, but after seeing Javi's fruit plate I wanted fruit badly. It was incredibly fresh and organic. Javi kindly allowed me to share his plate. Love you baby

Javi on the beach drinking fresh coconut.

Dinner that night at the famous sushi Leblon. "The place to see and be seen. A celebrity hot spot."

Javi and his mother ordered shrimp tempura! It was lightly battered and crispy.

My dinner at Sushi Leblon. The best sushi I have ever had, it melted in my mouth! Very very fresh fish.... if I could have this every night for dinner I would be extremely poor, but I would die a happy woman. Can't wait to go back to Brazil!

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