Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off the Runway: Le Pop

Here is another post off my old blog AllTheGlitters that still inspires me. I came across it today and just had to repost it. I still feel the need to do these looks myself because they are so beautiful and with florals in season now in 2010, it would be a great complement to complete a fabulous romantic, modern look.

We love to watch girls on the runway strut the latest fashions, but do we ever pay attention to those small details, the shoes, the bag, the nails... THE MAKEUP? Well I'm sure many of you have taken notice to the Spring/Fall 2008 runway makeup looks because they just POP. Andy Warhol, pop art legend has inspired the makeup looks for this year with bold colorful eyes that make a huge statement. Hopefully all of you will embrace this trend, even those of you who are afraid of such boldness. If your not into such a bold eye, tone it down a little and pick a color that is subtle but still makes the eye the main focus of your face. Still not feeling it? Try taking the color to other features of your face such as your lashes, cheeks or the ever so popular lips. Urban Decay just came out with some sweet "Big Fatty" Mascaras that would look so beautiful on and MAC Pro blushes in bright bold colors such as Full Fuchsia and Devil would be stunning.
Get the Look:
  • Urban Decay Peace Eyeshadow OR
  • MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow
The Look for Less:
  • Loreal HIP Showy Eyeshadow duo
Get the Look:
  • MAC Bitter or Yellow Chrome Eyeshadow
The Look For Less:
  • NYX Chick Eyeshadow OR
  • Pure Luxe Sunny Side Up Eyeshadow

Get the Look:
  • Urban Decay Electric Blue Big Fatty Mascara
The Look For Less:
  • Milani Hot Blue Mascara

Get The Look:
  • Urban Decay Ransom Deluxe Eyeshadow OR
  • MAC Violetta Lipstick (used on eyes)
The Look for Less:
  • NYX Purple Eyeshadow (Applied Wet)
Get The Look:
  • MAC Orange Eyeshadow
  • MAC Black Track Fluid Line
The Look For Less:
  • NYX Orange or Hot Orange Eyeshadow
  • CoverGirl Very Black Line Exact

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great post! I dont think I could ever pull those kind of colors off though.

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