Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DIY: Makeup Cart Organizer Tutorial

Here is an old post from my old blog AllTheGlitters. I decided to repost it because I found the tutorial so useful and it was a very popular post. I will be reposting tutorials and other favorite post entries in the future... stay tuned.

A couple of months back I saw Califjewls makeup collection and organizer on Youtube and from that moment on I was determined to organize my makeup as perfectly as she did. It took many months but I finally found a cart similar to hers. I made this tutorial for anyone who would like to organize their makeup the same way. Since setting up my cart, I've noticed that it saves me a tremendous amount of time. Hope you all enjoy this tutorial and have fun getting organized!

What you will Need:
1. Scissors and Flexible Measuring Tape

2. Easy Foam Liner (any color... I got mine in Black)

3. Label Maker

4. Mobile Cart Organizer ( Office Depot 29.99 plus tax)

5. Hammer
6. White Pencil for marking measurements.

Let's begin with the tutorial!

Step 1: Remove stickers and lay cart down.
Step 2: Insert the 4 rollers provided into the 4 slots. These are located at the bottom of your cart. Use a hammer to lightly tap them into place correctly.

Step 3: Sit your cart upright to make sure that it is leveled and that the rollers roll with ease.

Step 4: Take out one drawer to measure for foam mat. (Mine measured 14 x 9.5)

Step 5: Lay out your foam liner and mark it with a white pencil according to your measurements.

Step 6: Cut the foam liner in the measurements taken. Use the lines on the foam as a guide to help make a straight cut. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have a sheet for each of your drawers.

Step 7: Insert sheets of foam into each of your drawers.

Step 8: Place drawers back into their slots and begin to organize your makeup into each drawer. Example: I used the first drawer of my cart for eyeshadows.

Step 9: After you have figured out a place for all of your makeup products, label each drawer! I used a label maker with clear tape to make my labels.

Step 10: Done!

Now if you bought a cart with compartments on top like Califjewls and I then follow the next set of steps to further organize additional products.

Step 1: Measure each compartment.
Step 2: Mark foam with a white pencil and cut left over foam scraps to fit each compartment.

Step 3: Place all foam pieces into corresponding compartments.

Step 4: Organize any additional products as you see fit. Example: I put hand sanitizer, brush shampoo, sharpeners, primers, paint pots, moisturizer and chap-sticks. I also placed a pencil box filled with brushes on top.

Done! Hope everyone enjoys their newly organized makeup!


xppinkx said...

hey dollface

i just wanted to come by to say your DIY!!!

Valerie said...

Wow! Thats a great idea! Love it :)

Ashleigh said...

great job with this! I just bought a similar organizer (but yours looks better :p)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for following my blog! :) I love your DIY tutorial. It's so nicely organized and organized. :)

For The Fierce said...

This is smart!


*Anita* said...

never thought to add foam liners into my drawers. great idea!! :) xx

Budget Beauty Girl said...

I bought the foam liner at the dollar Store. yay

Dose of Sugar said...

omg this is awesome!
love the idea.. :)

abby said...

oh i should try this i have the same cart from an office supply store and i never thought about using those liners to have the products stay in place love it!