Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: E.L.F. Concealer's

Lately I have been on a E.L.F craze. I really adore this brand and every time I walk into Target I can't leave without buying one of their products. I also follow their Twitter AskELF, so as soon as I see 50% off I almost always order something. Addicted much, yeah maybe but all their products are so inexpensive that I cant help myself.

So far I have tried three out of the seven concealers that E.L.F offers. The following is my review on:
  1. Elf - All Over Cover Stick
  2. Elf Studio - Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter
  3. Elf Studio - Concealer
These reviews are based on my opinion and I am not affiliated with E.L.F in any way. Hope you all enjoy!

ELF All Over Cover Stick (Apricot Beige - Fair)

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $1.00
Where I bought it: HEB supermarket
Would I buy again? Yes

  • Full coverage
  • Easy to apply (Creamy)
  • Long lasting
  • Contains lots of product
  • Great for combination/dry skin types
  • Great range of colors (7 shades)
  • Strong smell of orange
  • Can get greasy over time
  • Packaging rotation device failed
Overall: It states that this product is for all over the skin, but I used is solely as a concealer because I have sensitive combination skin. It worked great for this purpose. It covered imperfections and dark circles very well and it had a creamy texture that was surprisingly long lasting. I applied this product after my foundation and set it with translucent power. I would not recommend this to anyone with oily skin because it is greasy. I would also encourage people sensitive to strong odors to beware, it smells strongly of orange. I did not mind the smell, but I know others would. I used a concealer brush to extract the product because the rotation device failed. Im looking into buying this product again in different shades so I can experiment contouring. Hopefully it works well.

ELF Studio Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter (glow/fair)

Product: 3 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: $3.00 ( I got mine 50% off thus, $1.50)
Where I bought it:
Would I buy again? No

  • Highlighter side has a pink doe shaped applicator
  • Highlighter works very well
  • Evens out skin tone and redness around eyes
  • Good for people with dry, clear skin
  • Light/Sheer coverage
  • Has shimmer on concealer side
  • very liquid consistency
  • will not hide blemishes
  • Color range is limited to 3 shades.
Overall: I have mixed feelings about this under eye concealer. I like the packaging a lot because its convenient, two products in one. I don't like the concealer side. I personally like a thicker consistency for concealers, this product is very sheer and just evens out the skin tone. I don't have circles around my eyes, but I feel like if I did, it would not cover them. Also the concealer is shimmery, and I feel like that attracts attention to imperfections. Yikes! I really love the highlighter side though, especially on the bridge of my nose. I would buy this product again only for that lovely highlighter.

Elf Studio Concealer (Ivory)

Product: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Price: 3.00 ( I got mine 50% off thus, $1.50)
Where I bought it:
Whould I buy it again: Yes

  • Sleek black packaging
  • Medium build-able coverage
  • Non greasy
  • Great for combination/oily skin types
  • Silky texture
  • Matte finish
  • Limited color range (3 shades)
  • Product wasn't attached to rotation device.
  • Small amount of product.
Overall: Out of the three concealers that I tried, I liked this one the most. It has a coverage comparable to the all over cover stick, but it's not greasy. It has a matte finish which I loved. It covered imperfections very well, even my pesky blemishes. I wish that this product was packaged more carefully because the concealer came right out of the rotation device and I also wish there would be more shades! I think I need at least one shade lighter than the lightest color Ivory. Will definitely buy again!


Vivianna - Musings of self-confessed beauty addict... said...

Great Post! Cheers for the warning about the shimmer in the concealer on the studio concealer/highlighter :D

Karen said...

Hey Love! Great reviews on the ELF concealers. ELF isn't carried here where I am in Toronto but I keep hearing about it especially since it's so affordable. The cover stick sounds pretty decent and I like how the under eye concealer is thinner so it doesn't sink into fine lines.
I'm glad my shoe post helped you a bit :) Thank you for checking out my blog and for saying hi as well!

Caroline Aronhime said...

Thank you for the post! I have been wanting a low-price concealer for blemishes and such and elf has the best prices. Your post has helped me a lot.