Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Products I'm Loving: March

  1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume: I was addicted to this perfume this month. It smells of lavender, orchids, and a hint of musk. I picked up this perfume at Ulta because it reminded me of the smell in my mothers flower shop. It really does smell Lovely!
  2. OPI for Sephora Nail Polish in Metro Chic: I finally got my hands of this nail polish after ordering this online at Sephora. I took it with me to get my nails done at the salon and I got so many complements. It's a must have.
  3. ELF Professional Eye Lashes: March was full of parties and weddings so I bought about ten of the natural and dramatic lash kits. I wanted my lashes to look full yet natural, these babies did the trick. I didn't use the glue it came with though... I opted for my favorite glue Duo which dries clear.
  4. ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo: I can't get enough of this product, I am super addicted. I bought a back up for myself and bought another to put in my bff's basket on easter.
  5. Ly-Na Pearl Cream: I finally found this cream at one the local beauty supply stores here in my town. I love the herbal scent! This medicated pearl cream is amazing, it dramatically cleared up my skin and reduced scaring. I recommend this product to everyone, even if you don't have acne, but are looking for a product that will give your face a glow!
  6. Sensodyne Whitening Tooth Paste Foaming Gel: My new favorite tooth paste! My little brother recommended it to me because he likes fancy things... foaming tooth paste cool!? Im in! I have pretty sensitive teeth so this product was perfect for me and I see my teeth getting whiter too! yay!
  7. Bioinfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm: Realizing that my hair needed extra care, I picked up this product at wallgreens. It made my hair smooth, shiny and mended my split ends. I still need to add more products to my hair care routine, but this was the perfect product to start with.
  8. NYC Brow Kit: My holy grail brow kit. This product is so inexpensive and so great. I use an angled brush to fill in my brows and use the wax so that the hairs stay put! Tweezers that come with the kit are super tiny and grip my strays to give me a perfect polished arch.
  9. Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Black: I can see what all of the fuss is about after using this product. This product my make my lashes fuller and adds volume.
  10. MAC 187SE Duo Fiber Brush: I've been using this brush for months now and I still cant put it down. I use it to stipple on my foundation, lightly apply my blush and add a touch of highlight to my cheek bones and nose.
  11. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: I combine this product with sugar and honey to exfoliate my face and lips. It does the trick to remove the most nasty dead skin and relives dry areas. My face and lips feel moisturized and hydrated.
  12. Sugar: Combine with olive oil and honey to exfoliate! An inexpensive DIY Scrub!
Watch this informative video by Michelle Phan to get the low down on how to create the sugar scrub for your face. It's what go me started!


Musicalhouses said...

Ooh I love $OPI Metro Chic too! :) And if you think the MAC 187SE is good you should try the non-SE version..I'm told there's a difference :)

Budget Beauty Girl said...

MusicalHouses I've been meaning to buy that brush but everytime I go to MAC I end up getting something else. Err I know. I have one by Sephora and one by Ulta but yes I need the MAC one.

TiffanyMonet said...

I really want the MAC 187 Brush! I love Michelle Phan too! Thanks for sharing! =)